canoe prototype

Building my first canoe began with a sudden urge to explore the rivers that surround me. After a brief bit of research, I became enchanted with the idea of building skin-on-frame canoes.

Pictured here is my first attempt, which I've been calling the prototype.

I was looking for a way to get paddling asap without spending too much on materials. The process was fast and intuitive. I bought cheapest wood I could find and a few screws, a sheet of vinyl, some staples, and a roll of gorilla tape later I was out on the river.

The paddle was improvised shortly before launching. I'll carve a nicer one in the near future.

I choose vinyl for two reasons, aesthetic value and that I wouldn't have to wait for paint or polyurethane to dry. Unfortunately it's not the most durable of materials which limits this canoe to open waters. I'll be exploring other skin materials in the future.

More canoes to come...